About Us

Ocelco has been a leader in innovation in the field with products such as the original Ocelco Pill crusher and the new Hand Held Pill Crusher.
Our Pill Management line always impresses with our low prices on pill crushers, pill organizers, pill splitters & more.

Remember "We're The Friendly People"


Ocelco has long been an industry leader in delivering durable medical parts and medical equipment at low prices. Ocelco's healthcare equipment & parts are used in nursing homes, hospitals and many other facilities.


Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a wide range of cubicle curtains, hospital curtains, and shower curtains, as well as curtain tracking and hardware. All of our cubicle curtain, curtain track, and hospital curtain hardware are durable and resistant to wear.


Wheelchair parts and components for wheelchairs that you need to replace on your existing wheelchair. We have every wheelchair part in our 144 Thousand Square Foot warehouse ready to ship to your door.