MiniTwist Crusher with 20 Bags
Pill Crusher

MiniTwist Crusher with 20 Bags

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MiniTwist Crusher with 20 Bags

MiniTwist quiet crushers are a revolutionary and innovative kind of personal tablet crusher. Highly effective twist handle crushing design quietly and effectively crushes medication into a fine powder.

MiniTwist Crusher Features:

Large, easy to grip and turn handle requires less effort and eliminates hand fatigue.
Simple tightening of the handle, like turning off a faucet, applies pressure needed to crush medications.
Carrying convenience.
Compact, personal size conveniently fits in a purse, briefcase, gym bag, travel bag, and more.
Designed for personal use but is rugged enough to withstand constant everyday use in a healthcare facility.
Built-in bag holder keeps bags conveniently located.
Comes with 20 bags.