Pill Crusher with 100 Bags
Pill Crusher

Pill Crusher with 100 Bags

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Pill Crusher with 100 Bags

Pill crushers are created to crush medication into a fine powder without all the noise.

Pill Crusher Features:

Crusher uses a rolling action which is quiet and crushes medication to a fine powder without all the noise (do not crush enteric coated tablets).
Tablets are crushed in durable latex free polyethylene (7mil) bags that hold tablets in place during crushing and help prevent cross contamination. Bags will hold and crush up to 5 tablets (depending on the size of the tablet).
Minimal effort is required to crush tablets, which reduces stress related injuries to hands and wrists.
Crusher Bags have curved bottoms - powder will not get stuck in corners.
Dispensing box holds 100 pouches and can be stored in the built-in holder on the back of the crusher.
Reinforced metal-filled polycarbonate construction is designed to make the crusher lightweight, strong and durable.
Other colors available. Contact our Customer Service Department for more information.
Dimensions: 12"W x 3-5/8"H x 3-3/4"D